Vegan Pizza In America : The Healthy Choice!

American Vegan Pizzas’ Guide

According to a recent update by the Pizza Consumer Trend Report, Vegan Pizzas are gaining rapid popularity and love not only from Americans but also, the rest of the world. Vegan pizzas are healthy, extremely sweet and, above all, inviting even to beginners. If you are in America, here are the top five list of the best pizza spots you might want to consider.

• Screamer’s: New York

Screamer’s is the best pizzeria in New York. It will be certain to offer you a wide variety of pizzas as well as calzones. You do not have to worry about eating the whole pizza since Screamer’s serves as little as a slice.

•Blackbird: Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, Blackbird offers the best vegan pizzas. Note that it is an affiliate of Screamer’s Pizzeria which creates the impression that the quality of its food and services are equally high class. The most preferred vegan pizza here is the “Popeye.” It is a combination of vital olive products including and, not limited to olive oil, crispy mushrooms and, green olives. Most importantly, this pizzeria bakes a lot of vegan-related meals like the tuna, parm sandwiches as well as chicken flavors. The variety of options that you will find here exceed your wildest imagination. Blackbird is the place to be if you are close to Philadelphia.

•Sizzle Pie: Oregon

In Oregon, Sizzle Pie is the leading vegan pizzeria. Back in 2016, this pizzeria was able to scoop the award of the “Independent Pizzeria of the Year.” Based on its unique ability to make available all kinds of vegetarian and traditional flavors that you never thought would exist in the first place. According to its core founders; Matt Jacobson and McKennedy, its outstanding motto “Death by False Pizzas,” it is one of the major reasons it sells like no other spot in town. If you are thinking of trying out the unique vegan pizzas, Sizzle Pie is your best choice.

• Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria: Washington D. C

Here, you will find the best pepperoni flavor of vegan pizzas. Major vegan pizza flavors like mushroom, olive oil, and green olive are the major source of attention and taste for most consumers. There is the “hoity-toity” pie which is an American favorite. The love of kalamata olives and vegan chicken strips will be sure to make you salivate long before you get to the pizzeria. Whether it is simple appetizers or deserts, trust that this pizzeria will do you justice like no other.

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